Onsite Apps

A unique experience.

Many Acoustiguide clients offer Smartour onsite apps as an additional online service, or as a stand-alone service. In this case, iPods (or other devices) are ready to go onsite. Visitors have the option of using either a traditional guide or an app featuring a multimedia tour that is original and creative.

Key Characteristics:

  • Multiple languages.
  • Multimedia content.
  • Content available in your own language.
  • No online connection necessary.
  • Flexible user interface.
  • Rich user experience app (UX): exhibit list, cover flow view, numerical keyboard, maps, activation of QR code.
  • GPS for follow-up and auto-activation. Google maps for exterior spaces.
  • In addition, an open source content manager allows you to:
  • Incorporate new content (even daily).
  • Guarantee the staggered delivery of content (selection of content and languages).

Additional Characteristics for onsite iPods, smartphones and tablets provided by Audioguiarte:

  • Questionnaire: collect valuable information about visitors by including a survey on the tour they’ve just taken.
  • Data collection: allows clients to collect statistics about how useful the tour was for each visitor; duration of the visit, language selected, popularity of different multimedia segments and more.
  • Complementary accessories: covers for devices, anti-theft RFID tags, iPod charger and sync dock, iPad dock.
  • Wi-Fi spot: for visitors who have their own smartphones (iOS or Android), Acoustiguide offers secure Wi-fi onsite, allowing for quick downloading of the appropriate app.


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