Apps. Special Projects

Acoustiguide carries out large scale projects for its clients on an ongoing basis. These projects utilize the latest technology and feature special high-end functions including knowledge of visitor whereabouts; navigation, follow-up and communications after the visit is over; a local server, which permits online updating and purchases within the app.


Characteristics of these apps:

  • Multi- platform CMS: easy to use content management system, which allows for the creation of an app that can be produced in multiple platforms (iOS, Android…). The app will identify where it was downloaded and will adjust itself to the appropriate platform.
  • Native content with or without cloud support: allows for quick and easy updates.
  • Special GUI design (Graphic User Interface).
  • App purchase.

Goals achieved at the Louvre Museum thanks to Acoustiguide:

  • Open source content management, which allows for the incorporation of new content (even daily) and guarantees the staggered delivery of content (selection of content and languages).
  • Applications for iOS and Android phones.
  • Download hundreds of hours of content onto personal devices that can be used throughout the entire Museum.
  • Includes: maps, audio, video, thematic tours, tours for kids…, in seven different languages.
  • Interactive platform.
  • Visitors can purchase content related not only to the permanent collection, but to upcoming temporary exhibitions, through any app purchasing system found on cultural portals and on the Museum’s website.
  • The Museum has an onsite audioguide service, and both services complement each other well.


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