Innovative, interactive, attractive and easy to access.

  • Perfect for visitors who use new technologies on their mobile phones, and who appreciate being able to explore additional content in their free time.
  • Available for iOS and Android. Multi-language and cross-platform format.
  • Can be used before, during and after the visit:
    • a) As a traditional multimedia guide, on onsite devices.
    • b) Or on your own device
  • Anywhere on earth, allowing users to take a virtual tour instantaneously, plus saving it, enjoying it, reusing it and sharing it.
  • A new focus that allows Cultural Institutions to create an interactive relationship with visitors, beyond the physical boundaries of the museum or tourist site.

Key Characteristics:

  • Multimedia content.
  • All written languages.
  • Content immediately available in your own language (need not be online to use the app).
  • Various access options: keyboard, still maps with interactive markers, listings, QR codes and more.

  • GPS activation.
  • Expanded reality.
  • Cover flow interface.
  • Creativity and flexibility in menu design.

  • Bookmark favorites.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Additional information.

  • Web links in navigation apps.
  • Universal binary support.
  • Registration and notification.
  • Interactive games.


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