Example: Tourism Board of Madrid

Audioguiarte provides the group audioguide systems that ManpowerGroup Solutions manages at various tourist information points. Manpower also handles promotions and sales for the tourism board of Madrid.

Since 2012, 300 group audioguide devices have been installed in the tourism offices.

The system has received high ratings from the Tourism Board of Madrid and from visitors to tourism offices, and 100% of the promises made by the service have been kept.

ManpowerGroup Solutions and Audioguiarte’s group audioguides have come together for this unique project. Manpower’s creativity, ambition and foresight, led them to accept a proposal that provides a specialized long-term solution for one of the activities that has the greatest impact on visitors to the city of Madrid.

Manpower began to manage the project in 2009, and Audioguiarte joined the team in 2012.


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