Interactive Guide-U.

This new group audioguide system is a leader in the new generation of interactive group audioguides, with new functions, high performance and exceptional sound quality.

Guide-U offers portable wireless equipment that makes it possible to listen to explanations in real time, with the possibility of addressing several groups at once – even in large spaces where the acoustics are challenging.

Interactivity with Multi Talker network.

The main Guide-U transmitter features an exclusive communications network that is able to work with multiple additional microphone transmitters. In addition, visitors can use wireless microphones. This makes it possible for several of the people travelling in a group to transmit messages to the rest of the group. They can do so at any time without having to reconfigure the transmitter. Members of the group can interact with the guide, engaging in a group discussion.

Technical characteristics:

1-New transmitter.

  • Sturdy casing, protected buttons, universal mini USB for charging and programming and standard audio jack.
  • Easy on/off switch and color screen with high resolution display.
  • Flexible, works with HA and frequency bands.
  • Intuitive navigation.

2-Pass-around microphone: new for group participants.

  • New technology includes Dynamic Speech Extractor.
  • Allows flexibility on the Multi-Talker network.
  • Always synched with the main transmitter.
  • Weighs just 110 g / 3.8 oz.

3-New Receiver.

  • New technology includes Dynamic Speech Extractor.
  • Receives just one voice .
  • Light and comfortable.
Technological developments:
  • Multi Talker network allows various speakers to interact within the group.
  • Improvements in sound quality through the patented Dynamic Speech Extractor system and Voice Activity Control.
  • New system makes clear transmission possible in noisy surroundings – up to approximately 95dB.
  • 56 channels allow for multiple simultaneous tours.
  • Sleek design


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