Multidisciplinary solution

Multidisciplinary solution


Offering both audio and visual interpretive systems through various platforms (mobile phones, audio and multimedia players, and the internet), as well as software and hardware solutions that are specifically designed for each client.


If the client already has a conventional audioguide service, Audioguiarte will complete what they offer by developing apps that are compatible with their current service. Both options are COMPLEMENTARY and satisfy the demands of the different user profiles that make up the visitor total.

Any time, any place.

Apps can be used in any place, allowing for a spontaneous virtual tour on one’s own device. Enjoy it, save it, reuse it and share it.

Community of followers.

Cultural institutions can create an interactive relationship with their visitors, beyond the limits of an onsite visit.

Knowing and identifying users: statistics and surveys.

Both devices and applications make it possible to analyze various visitor profiles and carry out satisfaction surveys. Audioguiarte and Acoustiguide are committed to the ultimate goal of any institution – GET TO KNOW YOUR VISITORS.

Periodic reports and a user database which is updated online are essential management tools for all those who dedicate their time and energy to satisfying the needs and preferences of their visitors.


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