Multidisciplinary solution

Only audioguides

Before choosing the best option, the client must know how he wants to deliver the service to visitors, as this will determine the number of audioguides needed:

Audioguiarte’s advisors will carry out a preliminary study of the client’s characteristics and requirements and will then propose the most appropriate business model.

1.Service included with ticket purchase.
2.Optional service
  • All visitors have direct access to an audioguide.
  • The establishment transmits content to all visitors, with varying levels of information and in all desired languages.
  • Funding: the establishment folds a minimal fee (generally less than 1€: 0.50€ or 0.60€, e.g.) into the ticket price.
  • Visitors can opt to rent an audioguide for an additional fee.
  • Audioguiarte guides clients in the implementation of this additional service in such a way that the maximum number of visitors will choose it.
  • The project must report earnings to the establishment. Profitability will be determined by the number of individual annual visitors and by ticket price.

Common features in all business models (a, b, c, d):

Management reports.
  • Guaranteed on-call service for 24 hours following the incident.
  • Service is provided for the duration of the contract.
  • Audioguiarte provides a qualified staff which has been specially trained at International Acoustiguide Conferences.
  • Audioguiarte compiles statistics on visitor behavior and profiles.
  • Based on the analysis of these statistics, we compile evaluations and conclusions that comprise the MANAGEMENT REPORTS.
  • Questionnaires will allow establishments to become familiar with and value more highly the satisfaction level of their visitors.
  • When Audioguiarte delivers the service, it’s ready to go. Onsite installation includes ongoing training for the audioguide staff.
  • We also guarantee the proper functioning of all equipment through periodic quality assurance reviews and inspections.

a) Buy or rent equipment.

Equipment: audioguides, videoguides, smartphones and tablets.
  • After your individual case has been analyzed, we will recommend and provide the number of devices necessary, in the model that is most appropriate according to your needs.
  • Through Audioguiarte, the client will be kept up to date as far as the latest technologies available throughout the world.
  • The number of devices can be increased at any time in a matter of days, and service can be bolstered promptly.
  • For older services with obsolete devices, changes can be made quickly and smoothly, making use of current content.
  • No distinction will be made between proposals for temporary and permanent exhibits.

b) Buy or rent equipment and production development.

Option a) + content:
  • There is no limit when it comes to length of content or number of languages.
  • Audioguiarte’s team of museum experts produces content which is creative, didactic and entertaining; and works under the supervision of your establishment’s curators, managers and technicians.
  • Content can be simply audio, or multimedia, using static and/or moving images.
  • Content will be available online and for apps.
  • Content for apps can also be designed and developed (link to apps).
  • We specialize in the design and implementation of content for the hearing or visually impaired.
  • Development of specific productions for children, young people and more.
  • Design of signboard items, and merchandising and promotional materials, as well as sketches and maps.
  • Flexibility for clients who are interested in providing their own translations or recordings: partially or completely.

c) Turnkey service (equipment + production + staff).

  • The outsourcing of external services allows museum staff members to concentrate their efforts on the management, protection and dissemination of public collections.
  • Above 200,000 visitors, Audioguiarte provides all necessary resources (equipment + production + staff) for setting up an Audioguide Service (conventional or multimedia) in museums, historic buildings, cultural centers and tourist sites.
  • This option also includes the provision of Management Reports based on the results of user profile analysis and satisfaction surveys.
Advantages for the Institution:
  • Specialized audioguide service.
  • Updated technology.
  • Latest developments in the field (e.g. apps).
  • Initial investment = zero.
  • Source of income.
  • Flexible and effective quality control offered to visitors.
  • Updated content.
  • Flexibility in content design of the visitor experience.

This package includes option a) + option b) + staff:

  • Audioguiarte provides qualified personnel. There are no limits when it comes to length of content or the number of languages chosen by the client.
  • The establishment can choose to work with Audioguiarte employees or, if they prefer, Audioguiarte can train their employees and temporary staff.
  • Staff receives training that is specific to each site, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the establishment and its visitors.
  • Personnel specializing in economic management, financial reporting, statistical analysis of visitor profiles, survey tabulation and more.
  • Vast experience collaborating with organizations that support those with disabilities, the defense of well-being in the workplace and other solidarity programs.
  • Audioguiarte offers help to all disabled visitors, assists speakers of other languages and ensures that children and senior citizens enjoy the tour.
  • Staff helps visitors try the audioguides before deciding whether to use them, and projects a positive image that is associated with the establishment.
  • Audioguiarte maintains the highest levels of customer service.

d) Personalized solutions.

Each client approaches Audioguiarte with a range of needs and a common objective: to use their limited economic resources to project an image of extremely high quality.

Audioguiarte account managers:

  • explain the various business models,
  • guide you toward the most profitable solution for your establishment,
  • and propose alternatives.
  • As the collaboration begins, the objectives of each client become clear and the profile of the visiting public is analyzed. Guidance is provided in order to arrive at the perfect program with creative content; hardware and software; and onsite distribution and marketing.
  • The service is adapted to the unique needs of each site, and can be offered with different business models, including rental, purchase of content or equipment, rent to own, outsourcing and profit sharing.
  • Audioguiarte can take care of services relating to the audioguides, or only those elements delegated by the client. These services include providing equipment, maintenance, audio and multimedia production, design and dissemination of apps, staff management, training of client’s personnel, etc.
  • Solid experience in discovering the needs of each client and providing made-to-measure solutions, but above all, adapting to the options selected by the client from our full range of services.


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