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Vast experience in the field of providing technical support, repairs and maintenance for different cultural firms. In 1999, he joined the Aldeasa Group and in 2001 he moved to Audioguiarte Cultural Services as head of technical services. He is responsible for installing equipment in the commercial premises of cultural institutions, for maintaining and overseeing the equipment, and for quality control. He also handles general administration matters for the company.

Degree in History from UNED with a major in Art History, and Masters in Art Management and Cultural Heritage from the Instituto Superior de Arte, in Madrid. In the last four years, her professional experience has been focused on the art market, learning first-hand how the sector functions at the international auction house Sotheby’s, at art fairs and in a consultancy group specializing in assessments for collectors. She joined Audioguiarte Cultural Services in early 2013 as Head of Production and Dissemination.

BA in Art History from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Masters in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture from the Reina Sofiìa Museum, together with the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and the Universidad Autoìnoma in Madrid. Her earliest work experiences took place in the area of cultural management at contemporary art fairs and in the cultural offices of the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada (2013-2015). Since 2015, she has worked for Audioguiarte Servicios Culturales as coordinator of content production and digital tools, head of management and production for technological projects, and community manager.


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Roselló 372, 5º 4 - Barcelona, Spain - +34 93 499 67 43

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