New production for the Year of Murillo

Nacional, 05/12/2017

Sevilla celebrates the 400th anniverary of Bartolomé Estebán Murillo's birth

Audioguiarte has produced several audio guide tours for the Year of Murillo, which takes place in Seville from November 2017 to December 2018. 

The exhibition “Murillo and his trail in Seville” open its doors on December 5th at Espacio Santa Clara. The purpose of the exhibit is to prove that the survival of the artist's models, whether voluntarily ot involuntarily, is the result of the power of memory. 
The tours, one for adults and another one for children, will be available in Spanish, English, French and Italian.
The show will be open until April 8th, 2018 

Murillo's lovers can also acquire a reusable audio guide with a tour around 17th century Seville, following the artist through the most emblematic areas of his career. This audio guide tour is available in Spanish and English.


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