Mediterranean. An Arcadia Reinvented. From Signac to Picasso

Nacional, 22/03/2018

Audioguiarte has produced the audio guide for the new temporary exhibition at the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga

The exhibition explores one of the main themes in European art from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s: the Mediterranean as a stimulus and source of a new, modern approach to classicism and as a setting for landscapes and scenes of everyday life.
Featuring more than 60 works belonging to movements ranging from Post-Impressionism, symbolism, Catalan noucentisme and Fauvism to a classicism revisited during the interwar period, this exhibition shows how the Mediterranean was a melting pot of artistic tradition and modernity, of classicism rediscovered and bursts of colour, through various genres (figures, mythological themes, views and landscapes, and genre scenes). It also establishes a dialogue between the parallel and complementary works of French and Spanish artists who together shaped the captivating image of a modern and reinvented Eden that continues to fascinate viewers with all the intensity of a first glimpse at an unexplored territory.
Audio guides available in Spanish and English.
The exhibition will be open from March 22 to September 09, 2018 


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