Cabildo and Audioguiarte launch a new multimedia guide

Nacional, 19/12/2018

The Cabildo of the Cathedral of Cordoba will launch, next December 21st, a new multimedia guide to visit the Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba. This is a project designed jointly with the company Audioguiarte, responsible for managing the audioguide service in the monument. Audioguiarte's mission is to provide resources to all visitor profiles, following the philosophy of using technology as a mean to deepen the informative contents of the monument. This new resource will allow visitors to enjoy an educational experience, fun and more immersive than ever. The multimedia guide contains, in addition to audios and pictures, videos of the five milestones of the visit through a set of animated recreations that reproduce original spaces of the temple and show inaccessible areas such as the Mihrab as well as other details not visible to the visitor. This is an innovative application in the field of heritage that revolutionize the way of visiting the monument. The new guide is presented in two versions, children's and adult, and will be available in Spanish and English.


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