Hunting for impressions. Sorolla in a small format

Nacional, 01/03/2019

From February 12th to September 28th 2019, the Sorolla Museum hosts an exhibition curated by María López Fernández, Consuelo Luca de Tena and Blanca Pons-Sorolla. With the title "Hunting for impressions. Sorolla in a small format", the exhibition shows a selection of very small size cardboard or panels that Joaquín Sorolla painted throughout his life. Sorolla generally called them "notes" but, sometimes, he referred to them as "spots" or "colored notes". These panels allowed him to quickly collect ideas or impressions, in independent works that went beyond a simple sketch. 
Initially considered intimate works, unfinished products of the work of the painter, they were soon appreciated in their creative freedom, and began to be exhibit as samples of the most personal and original work of the artist.  
Audio guide available in Spanish, English and French.


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