Production for the exhibition Zurbarán´s Saints: Devotion and Persuasion

Nacional, 06/05/2013

The ICAS (Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville) entrusts Audioguiarte the audioguides production to visit the exhibition Zurbarán´s Saint: Devotion and Persuasion, held at the Santa Clara Area, May 3 to July 20, 2013.  

The exhibition curated by Benito Navarrete, collect part of the repertoire of the painter dedicated to different Saits, and is complemented by designs from prestigious fashion designers who have based their creations in the artist´s paintings.The production included the translation of the original text in two languages ​​(English and French), accompanied by female voices and a musical montage according to the theme. The objectives were widely covered and backed by the success of influx (5,000 visitors in the first week).


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