Other Services

Management Reports

Reports on service user profiles and satisfaction surveys.

Data Analysis through the audioguide:

  • Obtain visitor profile information and patterns of behavior during the visit using Opus equipment.
  • The large variety of archived data and the versatility of the DAU system allow for cross-checking of data and information analysis.
  • Software allows you to analyze any period of time and its comparative history.
  • All data can be viewed in Excel-type tables, which are easy to use for anyone with basic computer skills. In addition, the tables can be integrated with each other in order to carry out partial or total data analysis.

Questionnaires on the audioguide:

  • The survey consists of a series of questions that are asked at the end of the visit and visitors respond using the audioguide keypad.
  • All answers are recorded on the audioguide using informational logs and are later downloaded to a PC.
  • The software accesses these logs and creates Excel tables with the results of the survey.
  • Using these tables, a specialized team draws up evaluations and conclusions.


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