Audio and multimedia production

Audioguiarte involves the client in an efficient and sophisticated process in which they are invited to articulate their goals and priorities. The initial idea becomes an inventive production that is perfectly developed to measure.

Our interdisciplinary creative team can work solely with audio, or can combine photos, video, animation and interface design to create productions that are conceived with sensitivity and can be adapted to any kind of space, whether physical or virtual.

¿How is the content managed?

  • The Acoustiguide software package is designed and developed by an experienced engineering team to offer clients full independence over the process of creating and updating audio and multimedia tours for Opus players.
  • Allows clients to define, create, build and load Opus players, from the most basic tour to the most sophisticated multimedia production, including an unlimited number of tracks, in an unlimited number of languages, in a quick and intuitive manner
  • The software runs on Windows-based PCs, and offers a simple interface, for the smooth transfer of audio and multimedia files.
Who are they for?
  • International visitors.
    High quality scripts and productions in more than 30 languages are available at affordable prices. Only the best professional native language speakers are hired for the translation of texts and recording of content.
  • Virtual visitors.
    Podcasts and website audio can be streamed or downloaded for a high quality experience.
  • Children, teenagers and families.
    Children’s tours are generally made up of short lively segments with character voices, sound effects and interactive games. Young people are provided with the tools to have fun and remain focused.
  • Visually impaired visitors.
    Audioguiarte’s writers are specially trained in the art of visual description. During the production process, we work with groups who test the tour onsite. Acoustiguide devices include such characteristics as: control buttons, telephone-type keypads and raised dots for locating the number five.
  • Hearing impaired visitors.
    Software and hardware adapted for productions based in sign language and subtitles, under the guidance and council of Foundations and Associations for the hearing impaired.
  • Special content for highly trained professionals.
  • Special content for minority groups.


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